Psychic medium-ship is connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit. Medium-ship is like learning a different language where your loved ones on the other side or the Spirit world, as we often refer it, will connect with Patty Mac’s psychic/medium energies and give specific information to the client.

The intention of medium-ship is to give specific information known only to the client and the love one they wish to connect with on psychic level. Messages will come through about past, present and future events during the session. Psychic Mediums, such as Patty Mac operate on a higher vibration frequency in order to be able to connect with the Spirit realm. When a client sits for a session, Psychic Medium Patty Mac will ask only the client’s name, and will ask for either a Yes or No confirmation when Spirit brings up personal information to validate what is being shared. The client can then trust in what Spirit’s message is telling them.

Medium-ship readings are available on an individual basis, at house parties or as a group reading


Patty Mac is a gifted Clairvoyant, Psychic and Medium who has felt the pull towards mysticism for as long as she can remember.  Patty Mac connects with the spirit world,  or the other side as she refers to it, to deliver messages from your loved ones. Patty Mac started her studies into the unknown and Psychic Medium,  Spirit Realm at the age of 17,  after purchasing a deck of cards from an online psychic store.


She began almost immediately to give psychic and mediumship messages to friends, and relatives, and has been working as a professional medium for over 25 years.  Psychic Medium Patty Mac has been connecting with Spirit to bring messages to clients through her mediumship work by bringing healing to loved ones on this side.


The definition of medium-ship is “evidential,” meaning the spirit will step into the room during a session and give evidence of their existence by confirming their relationship to the client. Mediumship is a healing gift, and Patty Mac provides her clients with specific information from loved ones in spirit. 


The definition of a medium is someone who tunes into the spirit world unlike clairvoyance where the psychic medium tunes into the energy of the client. Why is mediumship important? Patty Mac believes mediumship is important to prove the existence of God or whatever your belief is and the existence of the spirit once it leaves the physical world.



Patty Mac

small town life, small town thinking, trapped by a mothers wrath where superstitions, religion and poverty were rampant. Being gifted or cursed with the second sight there is an emptiness inside a young girls soul as she struggles to escape so she can be anywhere but here .

this is my first book based on my life growing up gifted and confused I now reside in Ontario Canada where I work full time as a medium and also helping people heal from their childhood wounds

Anywhere But Here